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China and Asia 360-degree photos and virtual tours as a marketing tool

Apologies for the large file sizes (14MB) of the 360 degree photographs used in the above mockup virtual tour. Though heavily compressed, these 360-degree China virtual tour panorama photos are intentionally large so that you can zoom in to see details. I hope this helps you properly see the scenery, and gives you an idea of the sharpness and the amount of details in the photos I provide. Perhaps you will see the potential in 360 virtual tours in your company’s communications. 

How to use

  • Tap on the white icon in the middle of the preview image to start the tour. 
  • From the bottom right corner of the image tap the two arrows to enter full screen mode. 
  • Tap again, or on a computer press the ESC key, to exit the full screen mode. 
  • Smartphones and touchscreen devices: Use your finger to rotate the image. Pinch to zoom in and out. Tap on the blue arrow icons to move to another scene. 
  • Computers with no touchscreen: Use your mouse to rotate the screen. Use your mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out. 

Click on the 15-second video above if it doesn’t play automatically. 

Give your audience the joy of exploring themselves 

Let’s say you want to show the whole space, or spaces, to your audience. They probably don’t want to watch an endless slideshow of similar photos, one after another, but they might be happy exploring the space if you gave them a 360×180 degree view of the space, and the freedom to study the space themselves at their own pace. And anything particular you want to point out in your view, you can add info signs to that. That’s where 360 photography and virtual tours come in handy.

360 photos give you endless opportunities in viewing your everyday environment in a new way. 

What Tuomas Harjumaaskola provides you with 

I shoot large and detailed aerial and terrestrial based 360-degree photos which your business can use in several ways in marketing and communications.

How about a tour around and above your China factory to show to your clients? Or how about showing the folks back home the progress of your project? Or giving the designers a better visual idea of what they are working on. 

A 360 virtual tour photography session can be included in other photography and filming services we offer. 

(Providing 360-degree video tours is coming up.) 

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